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Women Taking A Stand For Bodily Autonomy

Everywhere you look today, basic rights are being challenged. Women are in an all-out war to retain the rights to do what they want with their own bodies. [NOT] PUBLIC PROPERTY is a movement initiated by young Indonesian female trio Voice Of Baceprot that is positioned to serve as a reaction to issues surrounding the violation of women’s bodily autonomy around the world.

The movement will initially roll out with the following activities:

  1. The release of a song under the same title.

  2. Advocacy and education through video messages delivered by female icons via mass and social media.

  3. The raising of funds to help victims of sexual abuse and violence.

The movement itself was unveiled during WOW UK’s International Women’s Day celebrations from March 11-13, 2022, with the airing of a collage of video messages from several female icons – from musicians, entrepreneurs, and dancers to poets, actors, and filmmakers – expressing their concerns about the subject.

[NOT] PUBLIC PROPERTY will involve several organisations, including Women of the World (WOW) UK, British Council, and #KawanPuan under Indonesian crowdfunding platform

Like-minded individuals are encouraged to participate by way of sending their own video expressing their thoughts and concerns about this subject to be published on [NOT] PUBLIC PROPERTY social media outlets, donating directly to the [NOT] PUBLIC PROPERTY account at #kawanpuan, purchasing [NOT] PUBLIC PROPERTY merchandise with proceeds to be directed straight to the [NOT] PUBLIC PROPERTY account at #kawanpuan

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