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the other side of metalism

Indonesia’s power trio took a trip down a metallic lane through a collection of their favourite cover songs.

Young, Indonesian, hijab-wearing, female metal trio – VOICE OF BACEPROT – has been covering the members’ favorite metal songs since they learned to play their instruments. Their prowess at playing these covers got them attention from fans and media worldwide and enabled them to develop to the point where they could, as a band, create original songs. To wrap up this phase of their careers, Marsya (vocals, guitar), Sitti (drums), and Widi (bass) decided to define this period as THE OTHER SIDE OF METALISM and release their favourite covers under that umbrella.

“Metalism” is how VOB defines all that has influenced them in the genre and, after sharing their arrangements of classic songs that had a huge effect on their musicianship, they will be moving forward with new original material, in the vein of their last single, “School Revolution” (which is nearing a million views on YouTube).

To commemorate THE OTHER SIDE OF METALISM, VOB will be releasing a cover song every week throughout July in both live performance video format and audio format on all digital streaming platforms. This collection of songs that they hold dear were mixed and mastered by Stephan Santoso, who also produced “School Revolution”.

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